Headed For Trouble

c36132The gang is all here. If you are a Troubleshooter fan you will love these short forays into their�lives.This collection of short stories has it all. They are funny, dramatic and sometimes have heartpounding action. Some are previously printed at the end of full length books but having them all together is a plus.We get to revist some of our favorites Alyssa and Sam, Jules and Robin, �Jenk and Izzy�and�we are introduced to new chracters Tony Vlachic, Rosie and Frank. Then there are the awesome interviews with the chracters, the conversation with Jenk, Gillman, Lopez and Izzy is really enlightening. These snippets let us see what they do during their down time and we get to see where some of the upcomimg books get their start ( When Sam and Aylssa Met the Dentist). There is also a new novella , A Seal and Three Babies, which is at times funny, heartwarming and dangerous. The timeline is a plus and the glossary of Troubleshooter terms is helpful.For those who want to try the Troubleshoors series this is a good place to start. For those of us who are Troubleshooter groupies this is a nice visit with some old friends.


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